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The Game of REAL LIFE
677 W 12th Ave #1
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 484-4737

The Game of REAL LIFE is a parody of The Game of LIFE by Milton Bradley.

The Game of REAL LIFE is also a role-playing game. Each player flips a coin to determine if they are going to be born male or female (you are not born yet–you are in utero). This is the character you are playing in the game.
Your character will Get and Lose HEALTH POINTS (HP) throughout the game. HP are important because when your character runs out of HP you are – OUT OF THE GAME.

Created and self published by Chris Pender.

This is a hand made board game.
Hand made in Eugene, Ore. USA.
Appropriate for ages 13+.
Two to six players.

The path of the game goes from birth to old age. Each space your character lands on something happens to your character. You might get happiness playing with a puppy or you might Lose HP by being shot in a drive-by. Your character might be offered a drug. Drugs are a risk/reward decision. The character might get happy taking the drug or lose HP–or worse they get addicted.
A fun option to the game is to write a story or diary of your character's life. Then read aloud at the end of the game.

I played The Game of LIFE a lot as a child–it was my favorite game. As I got older I just naturally started thinking of other things that could be in a game called LIFE. Life is so vast. As I lived through my twenties and thirties I would jot down in notebooks ideas for a total game of life.

When I was forty I sat down and put the ideas together into a parody of The Game of LIFE.
I first hand made 50 games for a Christmas fair in Eugene, Ore. called Holiday Market in 1998.
I have been hand making the games and selling them at street fairs and online for 23 years.

Chris Pender has had an eclectic life. These life experiences and creative liberty form the basis of The Game of REAL LIFE. A recurring comment is, " Wow, you got a lot of life in there".