The Game of REAL LIFE is a parody of The Game of LIFE® by Milton Bradley®.
In this Game of REAL LIFE — Happiness wins the Game!

(WARNING: This game contains some adult choices which some parents might find objectionable).

Happiness is represented by smiley faces:  .

The Player who gets the most  wins!

The Game of REAL LIFE is also a role playing game.

So before you travel down the path there is a PRE-GAME.

Scoresheet with the name Tina

1) Each player flips a coin to see what sex they are going to be born

(you are not born yet–you are in utero).

    Give yourself a name. Put your character name on your scoresheet.

    In this game you are playing a character not yourself.

scoresheet - Tina is born to a poor family

2) Each player rolls a die to see what class they are born into: poor, middle class or rich.

    This gives you your opening money:

    •    Poor players get $0

    •    Middle class players get $10

    •    Rich players get $1000.

    Put this money in the money column on your scoresheet.

    So the game can start off unfair just like real life.

scoresheet - Tina is poor but healthy!

3) Each player then rolls a die for their opening HEALTH POINTS (HP).

    This is like your DNA — how strong you are at birth. This is the role-playing.

    Put this number on your scoresheet in the HP column.

    You will get and lose HP throughout the game.

    HP are important because when you run out of HP you are — out of the game.